Patsy Rodenburg is a strong supporter of The Alexander Technique and publicly acknowledges that F.M. Alexander was light years ahead of his time. She emphasises the importance of work on the actors ‘craft’, and like The Alexander Technique, Patsy puts the actor’s focus on their anatomy and breath, in order to free the voice and.. read more →

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During the Howard Fine Master Class I realised I was approaching the work from a very cerebral place. In order to rise to the high stakes of the play I found myself pushing and overcompensating. There was a lot of tension during my first run both physically and vocally. I was rushing ahead in moments;.. read more →

Working with Howard Fine, David Coury and Barbara Robertson in the November 2017 Melbourne Master Class was a truly dynamic experience. Their combined knowledge and insight aided in my understanding of the material I was working with, and enhanced my physical and emotional access and connection to, story and character. This Master Class was a.. read more →

When I began working with Barbara using the Alexander Technique, I had no idea what to expect during our sessions together. I could feel my muscles stretching out and relaxing but I was completely unaware of what physical habits were impeding my performance and hindering my growth as an actor and therefore did not know.. read more →