Hear testimony from Belinda Wollaston (currently playing Judy Garland on West End) on how The Alexander Technique has influenced her work. read more →

This article from Judi Dench makes interesting reading as she points to the recurring habit in many actors who are not prepared to invest in themselves or the work in order to get the rewards which they dream of. Read it here read more →

17 Jul 2017
July 17, 2017

Equity Foundation Workshop

Aim of the workshop To give an opportunity to actors who have heard of The Alexander Technique but don’t know how it applies to acting. Feedback “I discovered a new door to creativity, outside of the purely intellectual approach, that can be opened up.” “I learnt to get out of my head and into my.. read more →

“Working with Howard Fine was an incredible experience. Coming into the course I was expecting to somewhat continue and strengthen a previous way of working with Howard’s help and insights. I didn’t expect that ultimately I would have the courage to let go of a pre conceived “pre shaped” way of working, and embrace the.. read more →

One of the greatest gifts The Alexander Technique has for actors is that it gives you a tool to calm the nerves, anxiety, self-doubt or self consciousness prior to and during auditions and performances. It also allows you to stay open and aware. The benefit of having The Alexander Technique in your tool kit is.. read more →