What differentiated the Howard Fine Master Class from any other acting class is that it was an all encompassing workshop where my script analysis, voice work and Alexander Technique combined to allow me the freedom to fearlessly explore and create. There was no such thing as failure. I was given only an opportunity to be.. read more →

“Stay in the Process rather than the Performance and you will grow and grow.” David Coury told the students. The Graduating Students were challenged to select “The Role They Were Born to Play” from a musical and secondly, to sing the evidence of art imitating their life to the tune from the character’s defining song. Upon.. read more →

As September opened I was privileged to return to the HFAS in Melbourne. I leave it to two Sydney Actors to describe their experiences at HFAS. “Choosing to train at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Melbourne is the best decision I’ve made in my life. Not only have I developed an incredible work ethic,.. read more →

Jean-Louis had the students select an animal as a way of helping them find their character. It gave them an experience of enlarging their physicality, movement and exploration of space in a different way. The students took on and lived AS THE ANIMAL. They experienced the limbs of their animal and felt and heard the.. read more →

14 Oct 2014
October 14, 2014

A true Musical Moment…

To see A CLARINET PLAYER TRANSFORM INTO A POLAR BEAR was a magnificent moment. To witness a musician of such calibre be in his body and play with such openness and freedom was a wonderful visual, auditory and kinaesthetic privilege. “What did you learn?” Jean-Louis asked the student. “I wish I had had that in.. read more →