“Really good acting is a gift that you can give.” Larry Moss. Watching the actors, whom I had worked with, working at the recent Larry Moss Workshop I was impressed by their ability to stay open both to their character and to direction. It was particularly interesting to witness one work through a critical moment,.. read more →

During ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’, when Marius is at his biggest struggle in the piece, I found no sense of tension or strain with the voice. The voice was powerful and emotional and connected to my breath and thoughts at all times. Despite the vocal demands of Marius I could have gone on & done another.. read more →

I started visiting Barbara three months before starting Miss Julie at Belvoir. I was seeing her twice a week and the same until closing night. I cannot recommend this technique enough. It free’s the voice and allows the instrument to flow. For me, Alexander gives an awareness of my body on stage. It releases the.. read more →

In preparation for a role last year, I spent a lot of time last summer in the gym, eating a ridiculous amount of food, trying to gain muscle. Lifting heavy weights to build lean muscle put a lot of wear and tear on my body. I found my muscles tightening, my alignment was going out.. read more →

11 Nov 2013
November 11, 2013

Continuing education – why it pays dividends

Lizzie Franks speaks with three of the best coaches in the business about why actors at all levels of the profession should never stop honing their craft. Read the article here read more →