As a performer you need to be able to focus on what is going on in your body – physically, psychologically and emotionally.

The first thing which The Alexander Technique teaches is Awareness.

Q. Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the dance?
A. Because he had no body to go with!

You have to be in your body to be able to allow your muscle memory to return to its natural alignment and function.

You must be inside, not outside, your body to calibrate your performance.

It is a calmness on the inside as well as the out which enables you to find your way through situations. Such awareness allows you Presence and Stillness.

In order to do this you must be able to use all of your senses. Awareness work is sensory work.

Where is my voice?

how does it feel?

how does it sound?

am I pushing?

Am I listening?

How is my breathing?

What can I feel?

Where is it coming from?

What do I understand about what is happening?

What am I doing?

Am I impressing or expressing?

Where is my head?

Where is my accent?


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