Breathing is the most natural process of the body.

F. M. Alexander was known as the Breathing Man.

When we stop interfering or stop “doing”, our respiratory system will return to its natural, powerful life force.

One performer described the process like this:

“Before doing The Alexander Technique I used to breathe into my chest. I would hold my breath a lot. I would fill up and hold it so that I could contain it. The breath would come in. Stop. Tension. Let it out. It was shock in and shock out.

Now it is a cycle. A steady rhythm which I don’t even control. I let it happen. My breath takes me. It is easy. Not constrained.

I can feel my abdomen fill and all of a sudden there is an extra store of breath, which I didn’t know I had. I can feel my ribs. I have a great sense of them separating and expanding with my lungs. Before I had to stretch them out with different exercises. Now it just happens. I can feel the spaces between my ribs. My floating ribs are now available. They feel as though they are floating where as before they used to feel as though they were welded! My rib cage no longer feels like a cage.

When I balance my head I feel my throat open. I feel the breath come in my nose and rush down my throat. I don’t need to control it. There is a lot of space there. A lot of relaxation. It just happens and it is deep. Even if I tried to control this I couldn’t. It’s a natural process. Now I understand what it means, “ to get out of the way and let nature do its thing.”

I have a great sense of my back. It feels long and wide and soft like a book opening. It’s that state of breath I have before I go to sleep. That absolute loss of control. The availability of breath is unreal.

Every time I breathe in I feel emotionally stimulated and when I breathe out I feel the release. “ 


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