Group lessons

The focus of group work is on applying the principles of The Alexander Technique to activities and then to applying them to your professional work.

In group work I don’t automatically put my hands on you to bring about the change.

It is more about focusing on language as the key to your thinking and therefore your habits. In this situation one of your strongest learning tools are the other members of the group. You will see and hear your habits in movement and thinking reflected in others. Listening to the language of others – statements, questions and answers become a powerful teaching tool.

This work is about engaging your awareness and perception of where you are in your body and your thinking. It’s about teaching you to process your own experience so that you can repeat that experience when you are on the floor.

Group work involves various activities to reinforce principles learned. We work  on  Presence, being in the room and staying on you breathing.

An important part of all group teaching is to give all members the opportunity to put their work on the floor demonstrating the principles of The Alexander Technique. During this time you will receive “hands-on” time to help you achieve your goals.

Group work can be taught anywhere. I will come to the studio where you usually work.

Times and days of the week can be arranged to suit your group.

What to wear:
Normal rehearsal clothes.



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