Working with Howard Fine, David Coury and Barbara Robertson in the November 2017 Melbourne Master Class was a truly dynamic experience. Their combined knowledge and insight aided in my understanding of the material I was working with, and enhanced my physical and emotional access and connection to, story and character.

This Master Class was a very special collaboration in teaching. To go under the microscope of Howard Fine’s perceptive eye and surrender to his expertise and insight is a gift, building my strength as an Actor and Artist. Tee’d with David Coury’s incredibly deep analysis of how I use language, opened a world of play and opportunity inside my work that I hadn’t yet imagined was possible. And, my work with Barbara Robertson and the Alexander Technique has been pivotal to my growth both personally and professionally, allowing freedom and vulnerability, and will continue to be the foundation for my development of character. I am grateful for these experiences and look forward to continued working relationships with all three practitioners.

Stephanie McLelland

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