Posture which adheres to The Alexander Technique allows your audience to see work which is simple, clear and strong.

“The whole body has to show up to do this work.”

If you don’t have your physicality, you will not get your accent and you will not get your character.”
Larry Moss

In order to “stand and receive” you must be connected to your centre.

It is about an intrinsic springiness or a balance of energy which comes from Poise.

The whole body moves within a framework of support which results from a redistribution of muscle tone and a release of inappropriate tension.

It is about letting go to create spaces.

Great work comes when you master the basics. Those basics are The Alexander Technique:

  • Is my neck free?
  • Is my head balanced and releasing in such a way that my whole spine lengthens, widens and softens?
  • Is my pelvis free so that my legs can release, bend forward at the knees, soften at the ankles and lengthen through the foot?
  • Are my feet taking hold of the ground?
  • Am I breathing?

It allows you to be grounded and connected to the floor.

  • when you are grounded you have your alignment
  • when you have your alignment you have your breath
  • when you have your breath you have your voice
  • when you have your voice you have your confidence
  • when you have your confidence you command your space

Your power is your instrument and you must be the conductor of that instrument.


If you would like to have poise, elegance, resonance and a breath which supports your performance:

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