“Without The Alexander Technique it is very difficult to become a first rate Actor”
Larry Moss.

“I find The Alexander Technique very helpful in my work. Things happen without you trying. Movement becomes light and relaxed.”
John Cleese.

“For all of us, not just actors, life puts great stress and strain on our bodies. The Alexander Technique has given me a self help method by teaching me to relax and adjust my posture so that my body, which for an actor is an instrument can work as well as possible.”
Jeremy Irons.

“Barbara’s work is an essential addition to the actor’s toolbox. Letting go of habits on all levels gives the actor the freedom to explore without tension and judgement. No actor should be without the freedom created by understanding how their body and their mind are released simply by aligning their physical self.”
Adrian Barnes, Actor/Educator. Sydney, Australia

“Once freed from the habitual tensions (so common place they are often not even recognised by the actor and singer) then the body can release into a greater range of expression with freedom, power and confidence.”
Brett Wood, Actor, Musician, Teacher Sydney, Australia

“The Alexander Technique doesn’t teach you something new to do. It teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing; how to eliminate stereo-typed responses; how to deal with habit and change. It leaves you free to choose your own goal but gives you a better use of yourself while you work towards it.”
Dr. Frank Pierce Jones
Tuft’s University Medical Researcher of Alexander’s work.