Light projects. The voice resonates!

A beautiful voice is the result of a well-tuned instrument.

In order for the voice to have resonance and timbre it must be tuned in the same way as a cello or violin.

The human instrument functions in the same way as any musical instrument. Sound results from the interaction of air on space and a framework. In the case of humans that is the skeleton.

Breathe ricochets off the skeleton and warms as it swirls around the natural amphitheatres of the body – the abdominal and thoracic cavities and the head resonating centre.

A well-tuned instrument means a body free of tension.

The freer the body, the more spaces you have to allow sound to resonate. Likewise all your joints – feet, legs, knees, pelvis, lower back, ribs and jaw must be free to allow the voice to resonate. The same must be said of the muscles in the legs, buttocks, lower back, ribs, neck, throat, mouth and face.

If the breath is restricted any where in the body, the price you will pay is your voice. Voice energy should always be about timbre and tonality.

You must be the conductor of your own instrument. The Alexander Technique will give you the tools to be that.

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