Testimonials from singers

“I’m amazed how The Alexander Technique has changed my life both as an actor and a singer. I can now walk into an audition or onto a stage and feel confident. I now speak and sing clearly without tension or a lisp.  As a singer my voice is free and open, and my range has extended.  Everything is connected.

Two years ago I was at breaking point. I suffered from major jaw tension and I also had a very strong lisp. I’d tried almost everything, and thousands of dollars later I was no better off and no closer to a solution. My confidence dropped to an all time low.

I discovered the Alexander Technique at a Larry Moss Master Class where I met  Barbara Robertson. On my last day of the master class, Barbara took me through some basic Alexander techniques, back stage, before I went on to sing. I will never forget what happened next. I felt completely relaxed, centered, calm and energized. I was buzzing inside. I felt fearless. I walked out on that stage and sang as I’ve never sung before. My voice felt open and free. My jaw was relaxed. There wasn’t a sign of the lisp or the jaw tension which had limited my confidence and career for many years.”
Belinda Wollaston

“As a singer, I have a habit of holding my tension from my shoulders up. So much is held in the jaw. The Alexander Technique helps me relax my entire frame. It enables me to let go of unwanted tension, loosen the jaw, feel balanced through my feet and allow the ease to carry upward so that the breath drops in, allowing my full vocal potential and power easily. Volume is suddenly effortless and the power of a neutral stance calms my nerves so that I can simply enjoy the art of singing, the sheer joy of making music – and fly!”
Meagan Caratti

I first heard of Barbara’s teachings at the Larry Moss Workshop in Sydney. She was without doubt the force behind creating relaxed and full bodied performances from the actors. I was in awe of what she had achieved with others, not only with their voices, but just their completely relaxed nature in front of the audience.

In my first Alexander Technique lesson I truly came to appreciate how the technique allows you to analyse where you are at, how you feel, and what is required to do your best work.

Secondly, it made me aware of something that has without doubt changed my perception of truth and honesty in creating fully alive performances. That is Breath. It may sound obvious, but when you realise how precious breath is, the importance of understanding where breath lies and how it can be used then you have power.

When I began working on Les Miserables, performance anxiety was not an issue because the initial nerves were held under control from my understanding of my breath. I also had a new understanding of my body which allowed me to fully embody the choices I made.

What I noticed with my voice, was that there was no longer that hint of strain on top notes, my understanding of my posture through Barbara’s work had created a freedom and openness when approaching the more emotional moments.
Jamie Ward